Hi!!!:) My name is Jianni Song and reside in Taipei, Taiwan. I have been a passionate Suzuki violin teacher for over 20 years. I love bringing my students to the community and sharing our love for music with the audience. I’ve studied violin under the instruction of William Starr, whom inspired me to become a Suzuki teacher. I received my Suzuki Book 1 & 2 trainings from Dr. Sue Baer, Suzuki Book 3 training from Elayne Ras, Book 4 from Liz Arbus, Book 5 from Kimberly Meier-Sims and Book 7 with Judy Bossuat-Gallic. Currently, I hold a studio with wonderful students in the US & Canada through zoom and in-person students in Taipei, Taiwan.

Please visit http://www.suzukiassociation.org to find out more about the Suzuki Method and available teachers in your area to learn the instrument you’re interested in for your child.

‘Man is the son of his environment’ ~ Dr. Shinichi Suzuki


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Patrick Meyer said

    This is very amazing and awesome, LOVE IT!!!
    Very impressed. Good Job!

  2. Jenny Lim said

    Very cute. I love your website! Just letting you know that I checked it out. Love you guys.

  3. 徐会云 said


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