Here are some feedbacks from my students’ parents that have been with me in the past on why they decided to choose me as their child’s violin teacher:

First Testimonial:
To begin with, let me write why we went with you. You might recall, when we first spoke (or rather, emailed), I was interested in Piano for Prakrit. I just thought it was an easier instrument to learn, and Violin might be too tough for him. I had even spoken to couple of Piano teachers in Mountain House.

One problem I faced consistently was that they discouraged parent participation. In most cases, they felt that parents’ presence shall inhibit, instead of encouraging the child. They wanted me to drop him off, and pick him up. I never liked that much. I do have this irritating habit of talking too much, and sometimes, I later feel that I should keep more quiet during his classes. But as a coach, I would always prefer parents who are involved in their kids’ activities, than ones who use me as a baby sitter. I didn’t want to be one of those parents when it came to Prakrit’s Music education. In the past too, with his other activities, I felt that he performed better if we were involved.

If you remember, when we first exchanged mails, I specifically asked about this. You told me that you welcome it, and that you are Suzuki teacher, and the Suzuki method encourages it. That was one of the main reasons we went with you.

Before Prakrit joined, his mom and he also attended a practice session for us to get an idea for how his classes shall be. As it turned out, it was Kevin’s session, and since I knew his dad, I asked him his opinions about you. I hope he won’t mind me sharing it, but he gave very very positive reviews about you.

Despite this, when we started, I was quite apprehensive. This was primarily because I always thought of Violin to be a very tough instrument. In hindsight, it was one of the best decisions we made, for the following reasons

  1. Prakrit absolutely loves it. He realizes he is getting good at it, wants to get better, and enjoys practice.
  2. One major advantage of Violin over Piano is that it can be performed anytime, anywhere. Kids of some other friends’, who are learning Piano, have one or two recitals an year, where they perform one piece. By contrast, we sometimes have one a month, and they play several songs.
  3. You and Ms. Goody have been very active in promoting the group, which has grown at an amazing pace in a short time. This ties into the second point, since it gives a lot of opportunities to the kids to perform. They not only enjoy it, but it also boosts their confidence.
  4. The main reason we love you though, is that you are passionate about it. You genuinely enjoy teaching, and feel elated when the kids do well. I think this is the main reason the kids love you too.
  5. Finally, we love the innovative tricks you use to promote practice. I liked the idea of Bach bucks, but absolutely loved the Star Chart for practice. In fact, I shamelessly stole that for Soccer, though I gave you credit by saying I stole this idea from Prakrit’s Music teacher.

Second Testimonial:

Dear Jianni,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for all that you have given Paige over the last year.  She sees you as an inspiration and seeing you achieve such great success as a musician and teacher has taught her that should she choose to, she too, has the potential to do wonderful things with music.

I remember the days of squeaky bowing and uncomfotable posture and form, she has come a long way and in this short time, and I feel like she has really accomplished so much with you as her teacher. She is graceful and moves to the music, not surprisingly the only one in orchestra and chambers who does!  The best part of my days are when I get to listen to her play, it is such a wonderful gift to watch her progress with her music and to see her joy and satisfaction when she masters a piece and can play with ease.

Despite being 3000 miles away from your studio, we have managed to continue our lessons with you and to my amazement, the two of you really make it work.  I honestly do not believe that I could have convinced Paige to continue with violin, had we not been lucky enough to meet you, and I am really so very thankful that we did.  Your love  for the violin has rubbed off on her, and I think that gives Paige a different appreciation for the gift of being able to play, because it really is a gift.  It is because of you that I will get to spend time hearing her play, crying at her performances, and watching her become even more successful in the future.

I feel as if her drive to do better, to work harder, and to follow through is a direct reflection of your approach to reaching her.  Of course, she is 12 and occasionally needs a gentle push to do the right thing and hold true and follow through with her obligation to practice, but I am sure she is not alone in this.

I know that as a teacher, you are always looking for ways to improve or to find a different approach for reaching a student, but for us – for Paige,  you have gone above and beyond anything I ever expected, and I really feel blessed to have you as not only her teacher, but our friend. You reach her in a way that I never could and I am grateful. So, don’t change a thing – keep going as you are, because you are AWESOME and we love you.

Thanks for everything,

Arin 🙂

Third Testimonial:

There are teachers who teach and there are teachers who go a million miles further to inspire their students – and that is Jianni.

When my daughter was 10 yrs old she expressed interest to play the viola, I rushed to get her everything she wanted.  I imagined of the beautiful music that she would be able to play, and the possibility of joining an orchestra.

Then after 6 months she came home from school and told me that she is not good enough to play the viola and wants to quit.  My heart broke because I know that she loves to play the viola. 

Praise God we met Jianni!  Patricia started lessons with her just a year ago and now she is playing both the violin and viola – AND JUST LOVIN’ IT.  She is now part of her high school orchestra and enjoys performing with her friends.

Jianni is a wonderful instructor, mentor and inspiration to my daughter.

 Arlene C Macasaet

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4 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Ishwari Desai said

    Hi Jianni,
    I was wondering if you are taking new students. I have a 8th grade daughter who has been taking private lessons for 3 years. Her teacher recently moved out of state. It would be nice if you have any openings for in person class?
    Thank you for your time!

    • Hello Ishwari, unfortunately I’m only able to teach in person in Taipei as my family relocated to Taiwan last year. I am only offering zoom lessons to students outside of taipei at the moment. Thank you!

  2. Jane said

    Hello, I am looking for a violin teacher for my 8 yr old daughter. Is there a way we can meet so I can ask questions. Thank you. Jane

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