The Vibrato

February 20, 2011

I wanted to write about vibrato today because so many of my students just can’t wait to master vibrato so they can sound good. However, they  must be very patient with trying to master this technique.  Acquiring a fine vibrato may take a long time, but the student and the teacher should be convinced that he/she can acquire it.  I remember when I was studying vibrato from Dr. Starr, he told me I had to control my vibrato, it shouldn’t control me.  I didn’t quite understand it until I started teaching vibrato to a student of mine who was already doing well with his vibrato.  The same phrase came out of my mouth as I was teaching him vibrato, because his speed of the vibrato was not steady and sometimes the first finger would have a better vibrato sound than the second finger.  Basically, he wasn’t taking control of his vibrato.  I think these three physical requirements are really important for a nice vibrato:

1. Proper support of the violin

2. An even, relaxed hand oscillation

3. Flexibility in the finger joints

I suggest all students who are currently learning vibrato to have lots and lots of patience and practice 5-10 minutes a day just on vibrato and remember it is a slow progress, but never give up on it:) Show your teacher what you have accomplished every time you have a lesson and that way your teacher can tell you if you are going in the right direction or not.

Have fun and Keep Violinin’ ^_^


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