Practicing Gavotte by F.J. Gossec

April 11, 2012

Austin has started the last piece in Suzuki Book 1, which is probably the most difficult piece in the entire book with lots of new techniques, such as grace notes, accidentals, and slurring 16th notes, which means a much faster finger action is needed on the violin hand.

My suggestion for practicing this piece is focusing on one line a day.  So far, Austin has done very well with this, but boy is it hard to stop him when he wants to go forward and onto the next line.  Patience is needed for the both of us in this piece.  I told him I will be recording him on the entire Suzuki Book 1 after he is finished with Gavotte.  I think he is looking forward to making this video and sharing it on youtube:)

~ Keep Violinin’


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