Austin Reviewing All Twinkle Variations

April 12, 2012

We decided to review and record Austin playing all of the Twinkle Variations, sorry for my horrible piano accompaniment:(

I think playing review pieces is very beneficial for anyone that’s playing an instrument.  Austin really enjoyed playing old pieces and it’s becoming a habit of his to review an old piece every time he picks up the violin to practice:)


2 Responses to “Austin Reviewing All Twinkle Variations”

  1. karmeleon said

    I often use 1 or a few of the Twinkle Variations as warm-up at the beginning of practices. My boy has done All-Twinkle Reviews off/on too. But interestingly, he has only done A,C,D,E and not B. So when he does his Twinkle Reviews, we only do those 4 variations. His teacher said would revisit Var B later. (?).

    • Yes. Var. B is probably one of the most difficult variations and it’s totally normal for some teachers to skip that one and come back to it later. For me, I teach my students all of them if they’re capable, but if they’re too young, then I may skip the B as well:)

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