Taking violin lessons for myself

August 16, 2012

I have decided to continue to improve my own playing and therefore, I will start taking lessons on my own next week at University of Pacific with Prof. Ann Miller.

I look forward to learning more and finding ways to get an even better sound from my violin:)

Cheers to continuing education:)


4 Responses to “Taking violin lessons for myself”

  1. karmeleon said


    I’m not going to take anymore lessons – I learnt for about 1 year when I was 39yrs old, just before I had this youngest boy you see on my blog. Too much hard work – haha!

    • Haha…yes…and a lot of focus is needed for this, and I’m lucky I’ve got my parents here who are so great at helping with my son that I can focus more on my playing:)

  2. Hey, so we had Suzuki training in Colorado with Sue Baer together. I too am taking lessons with Dr. Miller as a violin performance major at the University of Pacific. Maybe we will see each other again sometime:) Wish you the best!

    Amber Peña

  3. Hi Amber, that’s great!! I’m actually going to see her perform tonight!!:) Wow…you’re getting your violin performance major at UOP!! That’s awesome!!!:) All the best to you and your future!!:) Do you live up in Stockton now?

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