Another beautiful and dry day in Taipei! We were able to play at CKS again. We tried to close our eyes while playing scales together; breathing and listening to each note we played in unison. We also listened to each other’s solos to see what everyone has been working on:) Enjoy these pics and video from today’s lesson♥️


It is very rare to have beautiful, mild(not humid) weather in Taipei. On February 18, 2023, I took advantage of the perfect weather and held our first outdoor group lesson for my Suzuki Bk 1-2 students under perfect spring weather conditions:) We performed in front of many strangers ranging from babies to senior citizens. We even played May Song for the fish in the pond!! We received lots of applause from the audience and they even wanted to take a picture with us:) I wish I could have weekly group lessons, but Taipei kids seem to be more busy on weekends than during school days:) I will make the best out of these monthly group lessons with my students ♥️🎻

Trivalley Le Plank

February 25, 2023

My high school students along with some of their friends formed a group called Le Plank during the pandemic and have since raised money to help animals at Oakland Zoo and performed in the community. They recently started their website to document all the events they have attended last year and hope this group can inspire young children to love music as well as spread their love for music in the community. Check them out!

Happy Year of the Rabbit

January 23, 2023

This year I was blessed to spend the Lunar New Year in CA with my CA students, friends, and family. My favorite part of a music program is the ensemble. Here are links to our ensemble performances:

We wish everyone a healthy and prosperous Year of the Rabbit! 身體健康,萬事如意!

Our studio families enjoyed a meaningful and enjoyable afternoon at Kids Against Hunger in Pleasanton, CA and packed food for the people of Haiti. We are grateful for this volunteer opportunity and we look forward to serving our community in the near future through our music:)

This month was another month full of performances in my Taipei studio, San Ramon studio, as well as my zoom students’ hometowns🎉🎉♥️♥️ We look forward to welcoming the Year of the Rabbit at our upcoming concert in First Presbyterian Church Livermore, CA!

On Oct 22, 2022, my studio students and their friends continued to raise funds for the animals at the Oakland zoo. They played for 3 hours nonstop with solos and ensembles. Instruments included violins, viola, cello, guitar, Chinese flute, Pipa, and keyboard. This was our first time at the farmer’s market in 3 years or since the pandemic! Thank you for donating and we hope to see you at our next event!

Music From Our Hearts

July 31, 2022

Clip from our concert finale piece – Gavotte by Becker arr. by Mark Mutter

April 30, 2022 my students continued their fundraising for animals at the Oakland Zoo. This time they performed a 1-hour set at the 1st Annual Children’s Business Fair. Thank you to my studio parents and students for organizing and preparing for this meaningful event 👍👍

Students Performing:)

March 20, 2022

Over the weekend I received these pics from parents in Taipei and California that truly made my heart full❤️❤️ Students in both places are willing to perform in front of strangers and high schoolers are willing to help lead the younger students 🙏 These events are not possible without the unconditional support of my studio parents❤️ I am so grateful!