Family Twinkle Trio

October 12, 2011

Our family decided to perform a piece together for everyone and our son Austin just LOVED watching himself play the violin when I played the video back to him:) My husband hasn’t touched violin in over 15 years, so I gave him the easiest part out of the 3 parts…hehe



4 Responses to “Family Twinkle Trio”

  1. That’s really nice! Did you make up the harmonising parts yourself?

    • No, I bought a Trio book for Suzuki pieces and it is simple enough for my husband to play it since he doesn’t really play violin on a regular basis:) Thanks for watching:)

  2. Oh, I didn’t know there was a Trio book. I know there’s a Duet book – I downloaded some of the pieces from Sharedfiles online.

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