Go Tell Aunt Rhody

November 6, 2011

It’s been 2 months of daily practice and Austin is now feeling much more relaxed when he is playing the violin.  It really is all about practicing the violin daily, even if it’s just picking up the violin and playing a twinkle variation.  It makes a huge difference when he practices daily, because the arms and hands are all starting to get the feel of how to become more relaxed when holding and playing the violin. It also takes a lot of patience from the parents and teachers to get through the first few months of learning the violin.  I know some students won’t even finish the Twinkles until 6 months later…every child is different, but it’s definitely the hardest in the very beginning of learning the violin for everyone.  Here is Austin playing Go Tell Aunt Rhody memorized:)

Click here to watch Austin play Go Tell Aunt Rhody


One Response to “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”

  1. karmeleon said

    Oh, that’s nice. My 3yo came over to watch when I had the video on. He enjoyed it too!

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