Roles of Suzuki Parents

November 7, 2011

I just want to put this bit of information on my website for the Suzuki parents or future Suzuki parents to read:

The below excerpt is from the book ‘First Class Tips for Suzuki Parents’

Since Suzuki’s approach is modeled on the way children learn to speak their native language, it involves listening, observation and imitation of parent and teacher…

The parent’s role involves:

1. Committing themselves to their own on-going education about the Suzuki approach…

2. Creating a musical environment…

3. Learning the fundamentals of playing the instrument and taking care of it…

4. Attending lessons with the child and assisting with practice at home…

5. Creating a total environment of affection, support, encouragement, and understanding…

The most important ingredient for success is the parent’s willingness to devote regular time to work closely with the child and the teacher.

I know it’s sometimes frustrating especially for beginner students’ parents to be patient and work closely with the child and at the same time be affectionate, encouraging, and understanding. I would highly recommend Suzuki parents to go online to Suzuki Website and participate in one of the summer institutes that the Suzuki association offers every summer.  It’s not only a fun family event, but it allows you to meet other Suzuki families that are probably going through the same thing you are going through:) The website not only has information on the summer institutes, but it also has a forum where you can get some advice from other Suzuki parents or teachers:)

Enjoy & Keep Violinin’



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