Andantino Duet

January 9, 2012

So instead of recording Austin tonight, Austin decided to record me and my husband..haha..

A little background on my husband – Dave is a fast learner…he played violin and piano(like most Asian kids) when he was young for approx. 5 years but gave up when he was in high school. Since we moved back to CA, we were fortunate to buy another practice violin, so whenever he heard Austin practice, he would practice along on some pieces with Austin to keep our son motivated and entertained:) Dave’s never played Andantino, but since he’s heard this tune so much, he picked this piece up in less than 20 minutes!!  SOOO…instead of recording Austin…I decided to play a duet with my husband and Austin recorded us, which became a very fun night for us:)

Enjoy!! ~ Keep Violinin’


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