T-Shirt Time!!!:)

February 16, 2012

Spring is in the air, our trees in the backyard are already budding, which means the kids are going to be wearing T-SHIRTS to school soon..ok..since we’re in CA, kids are already wearing T-shirts in schools now, but I’m still in my ‘winter’ mode.  As I tried to think of a way to motivate my students, I’ve decided to reward them with the T-shirts I designed in exchange for their practice charts and listening charts, which is 200 times of practice and 100 times of listening:) Fair enough? I think so:)

These T-shirts are very high quality 100% cotton and Made in Taiwan:)  I’m very happy to give them away to my students so they feel proud of learning and playing the violin:)

Here are photos of the T-shirts laying down in my studio:






I can’t wait to see my students in these colorful shirts:)


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