Growing Austin

February 21, 2012

Future Jeremy Lin?


My 7-year old is growing taller by the day!! Not only is he growing taller, but he is growing in his music appreciation sense.  He was able to sit through a 1 hour recital without getting impatient or asking me ‘when is this going to be over?’ This is such a blessing!!!

As for Austin’s recent violin update…he is working on Minuet 2 by J.S. Bach in Book I of Suzuki and we’re thinking of attending the Southern California Suzuki Institute in the summer time. I must admit how much I LOVED attending the Suzuki Institutes as a family in 2011.  It allowed us to enjoy family time and playing time together.  We can truly experience the joy of music while attending these institutes.  I encourage anyone out there thinking about attending a Suzuki Institute to go ahead and sign up to a place you would like to go as a family and JUST DO IT!!! The money spent here is well worth it for the sake of your child’s musical growth and appreciation. Here’s the link to the Suzuki Summer Institutes:

~ Keep Violinin’


2 Responses to “Growing Austin”

  1. karmeleon said

    too bad we don’t have these suzuki institutes here.

  2. Yes, the Suzuki Summer Institutes help children a lot and it not only can maintain the students’ current skills, but it also introduces other types of music to students…such as Jazz, Fiddle tunes, etc. My husband and I have decided to make the summer institutes as our family vacation spots every year:)

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