Dr. Suzuki’s Quotes

March 1, 2012

I was so fortunate to find these on the web:

Suzuki Quotes

1. You’ll make mistakes; we all do but trust yourself and think for you.
2. When Love is deep, much can be accomplished.
3. Beautiful Tone, Beautiful Heart.
4. If you have the spirit of a young child, you never age.
5. Man is the Son of his environment.
6. Music is the language of the heart without words.
7. Every child improves depending on his/her parents.
8. Great music develops and educates high sensitivity in everybody.
9. The “Law of Ability” will develop each and every child.
10. Creating desire in your child’s heart is the parent’s duty.
11. I respect all living things.
12. A New World begins with a young child.
13. Parents who have smiling faces have children who have smiling faces.
14. Any child can be developed. It depends on how you do it.
15. Perhaps it is music which will save the world.
16. There is no born genius. Education is the way to develop ability.
17. Everything depends on you.
18. Good or evil, beauty or ugliness, daily behavior itself becomes one’s flesh and blood before one realizes it. It becomes habit through repetition.
19. What does not exist in the environment will not develop in the child. By no means only words or music, but everything, good or bad, is absorbed by the child.
20. Self-evaluation is the highest sense as a human being. The children should not only advance but repeat and evaluate their progress.
21. If you grow up in a Stone Age environment, you become a Stone Age man.
22. Now, and 1000 years from now, most important is to educate the person.
23. Those parents who think their children have no ability are not good parents.
24. Don’t hurry don’t rest. Without stopping, without haste, carefully taking one step at a time will surely get you there.
25. Play with heart. Play with living soul.
26. There is no point where we can say, “This is enough.” Always seek finer music, finer performance. Eventually this will change from a learning attitude to a joyful quest which will last throughout our lives.
27. Talent Education, for the happiness of all children.
28. Tone has living soul. Without form it breathes.
29. Parents and teachers should not only teach and nurture a child, but also keep watch over where a child’s true essence and sphere lie. (Koji Toyoda)
30. Parents who recognize their child’s potential ability are good parents.
31. Everyone can improve. With this belief I have advanced my ability one step forward.
32. Education means to teach and develop. Without development there is nothing.
33. Do not hurt anybody’s heart.

These quotes will help you and your child to understand Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy. They help children with self-confidence, memory and performance ability. Perhaps you can share a quote a day with your child?:)

~ Keep Violinin’


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