Power of Listening to Suzuki CD

May 22, 2012

I had great lessons this afternoon, but I am particularly fond of a lesson I gave/didn’t give to a little girl. The reason I say I didn’t really give the lesson was because we didn’t go over any of the notes from the piece she was supposed to play for me. I just asked her to play it for me because she told me she could already memorize it. Both the mom and I were in shock when I played through the duet part for her while she memorized the entire piece without any mistakes. How in the world did she do that you ask?? Mostly because she listened to the CD a lot and recognized all the notes from the piece from previous songs. What is the piece you ask? It’s called Long, Long Ago:) I believe the mom is still in a state of shock and being proud of her daughter at the same time:) I hope my students or any musicians out there, just remember to always listen to what you are playing…it really works!!!:)


3 Responses to “Power of Listening to Suzuki CD”

  1. karmeleon said

    Hey, this can’t be the 1st time you’ve come across it, can it? LOL. Altho’ it does amaze me when I come across it since I only have all of one “student” example to observe. My 3yo son can do much of the suzuki songs by ear and some others. His teacher rarely seems surprised. She says it’s the power of the suzuki method. *haha*.

    More surprising to me was when he got in the car yesterday and said “Mommy, can you put on Perpetual Motion(he’d just started on that piece the day before that) …. and then you press to “9” because I saw in the book that Perpetual Motion is No.9″…. THAT, I sure had not noticed before and when I took the CD jacket, it sure said “9”. haha.

  2. karmeleon said

    That really IS something!!!!!!!!

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