Long, Long Ago Review

June 2, 2012

Austin doing another review piece today…Long, Long Ago:)

3 Responses to “Long, Long Ago Review”

  1. karmeleon said

    Is he already using a full-size? Or 3/4? It looks fairly big. And what’s that behind? A baby cello?

    • No, its a 1/2 size violin. The back is a full size cello:) you have a few months to think about it, but the actual convention is not too expensive and your kids can get master classes with some of the top teachers from all over the world:)

    • karmeleon said

      Yes – I saw the dates. Thanks!

      For the convention – it’d just be the “baby” if we go – I was thinking of just taking it as a trip! No older ones – they will be in school at that time.

      Ah yes, I think my elder boy used 1/2-size at that age too. He was slow in changing to a full-size – only recently at 15. Perhaps the video is close-up so it looked bigger. ;D

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