Photo from the SAA Conference with William Starr, my former violin teacher:)

June 4, 2012

I just realized I haven’t shared this photo of me and my former violin teacher William Starr along with his wonderful wife Constance Starr who have inspired me and many other musicians.  William Starr just celebrated his 90th birthday and will celebrate his 65th wedding anniversary.  Now looking back at my lessons with him, he truly has shown me what the true value of the Suzuki philosophy was all about.  Each lesson I had with Mr. Starr never once became boring and he always challenged me to become better and helped me to reach my potential.  He emphasized on reviewing old pieces and always reminded me to listen to the recordings.

Thank you Mr. Starr for showing me how to learn with a passion.  Your books have helped me through many years of my teaching and they will continue to help and guide me.  I’m so thankful for your love to teach the violin and bringing the Suzuki philosophy to America:)Image


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