Halloween Carnival in Mountain House, CA

October 14, 2012

Oct.13th, 2012, Mountain House Suzuki Strings was invited to perform at the Wicklund/Bethany Halloween Carnival.  Here are some photos from the event:

We started out with the Pre-Twinklers demonstrating a bow exercise and playing on the Open E and Open A strings:

Then we followed the show by playing Theme from ‘Witches’ Dance’ by Paganini from Suzuki Bk 2 and did the actual dance as well:)

Then we performed Ghost of John, Zorro, and finally Scary Twinkle where all the students joined in:

There was a baby in the audience that just couldn’t keep her eyes off of the stage:

Thank you so much for enjoying our performance!!!:D

Finally, I had to take a photo with my son who dressed up like Psy(the Korean Super Star who sang Gangnam Style):


Also, much thanks goes out to MHSS’ other director Goody Choi for being an awesome teacher along with her coolest Darth husband for always being so supportive of all of our events! We are a great team!!!

The End! Have a safe and happy Halloween.  Thank you for visiting my website:)


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