Lovin’ Spring in California

February 27, 2013

Yay!!! Spring is here once again in the bay area:) I’ve been pre-occupied after coming back from the Asia trip that I seldom blog anymore.  However, I should start again and share with all of you the success stories of my pre-twinkle students and book 1 graduates, since that’s the main purpose of starting this website:)

One story that I want to share with you which I found extremely encouraging is how one of my students went from playing Twinkle for almost a year with me to getting passed Perpetual Motion within 2 months.  This student was struggling with being consistent with the daily practice and listening for a very long time.  I really want my students to be able to play all of the twinkle variations fluently before moving onto the rest of Book 1.  If students are able to grasp all the concepts from the variations, they should not have too much problems getting through the rest of the book.  I want to encourage all the teachers out there to really spend quality time with your students on these twinkles before moving onto other repertoires in Suzuki. It does take quite a bit of patience though from both the parents and the teachers. 

Recently, our Mountain House Suzuki Strings students performed at the local Lunar New Year celebration. Here is a photo of me with the twinkle group getting ready to perform ‘Painted Face Role’ from an excerpt of a Beijing Opera:


Happy Spring Everyone!!!:)



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