20th Annual Northern California Suzuki Institute – Santa Rosa, CA

July 14, 2013

Attending the Suzuki Institute has become our family annual summer event, and what better place to attend than the nearby Santa Rosa, CA.  It is a place where the faculty really focused on bow exercises and tone quality. I also learned a ton of new bow exercises from Cathryn Lee’s course that will help my students improve their tone tremendously:) I can’t wait to try them out!!!:) I appreciate the Suzuki teacher trainers thinking of easier ways to help us as we continue to try to allow our students to enjoy music by creating less tension in their bodies.  Big thanks to Cathryn Lee and Donna Lim for organizing this year’s Suzuki Institute in Santa Rosa:) Enjoy the photos below:)

First day of Institute:


Flash Mob at Santa Rosa Farmer’s Market


Last Day of Institute:

Dance Class Performance:


Mariachi Class Performance:

ImageRepertoire Class Performances:


A Photo with Mrs. Cathryn Lee and Mr.Joe Kaminsky


Photos with friends he made at the Institute:


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~ Keep Violinin’


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