This is a recording of my students earlier in October rehearsing On Wings of Song:) They can’t wait to share their polished piece with everyone next Sunday!​


A Glimpse of Nov 12 Concert

September 29, 2017

Welcome Back Concert

August 27, 2017

Welcome back concert along with the start of the new school year celebration:) Stay tuned for our next event on Nov.12 at the Mosaic Recreation Center for the Annual Holiday Concert:)

After an eventful summer of traveling in Asia, I’m now back in my studio starting another exciting year of private and group lessons along with performances in the community!! Here’s a clip of me and my beginner student practicing her sight reading skills by playing exercises from Adventures in Music Reading by William Starr:

It’s really important to prepare the beginner student well by focusing on the posture and tone quality before rushing into more advanced pieces. 

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Here is a clip of my students and I playing the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Variation A for the audience at the local library. Enjoy and have a safe and fun summer!!!:) Our next performance will be Nov.12, 2017!!!



Season Finale Concert

May 22, 2017

4 of my students have participated in a local orchestra called Gradus Ad Parnassum this past few months. Some more of my students will be joining them in the fall. So happy there’s a local orchestra in San Ramon now:) Enjoy the pics and video link to one of their performances:)


Upcoming Events

March 6, 2017

Looking forward to these events in the next couple months👏👏👏

My 2 year 10 months old daughter has decided she wants to learn how to play violin now and I casually introduced her to the “rest position” and “play position”. Here are pics of last night’s mini lesson:) Enjoy! Can’t wait to see what she can do in a year’s time!!:) Come back and see more of her progress:) #keepviolinin

​​Many thanks to Martha Yasuda for arranging the Seitz Concerto duet and for Kerstin Wartberg’s arrangement of the Happy Squirrel:) Enjoy!!


My youngest students ages(4&6) playing the twinkle duet:)