Book 1 Review Concert

September 5, 2016

Here are some pictures from Aug 28,2016 Book 1 Review Concert:

Looking forward to our Annual Holiday concert on Dec 4, 2016!


I’ve started to record myself playing the songs from Suzuki book I without the repeats for my students to play along and prepare for their Book 1 Review concert.  Enjoy!:) Sorry about the large echo sound in Gavotte and Happy Farmer. 

3 of my students along with my son really enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience with Sunset Youth Orchestra in Carnegie Hall. Here’s a recap of today’s performance:) Enjoy!!


Here is one of my younger students Michael (age 7) performing The Puppet Show by J. Trott. This is the first time he has performed a piece outside of the Suzuki books and he really enjoyed this one with his mom as his piano accompanist:) Enjoy!

I really enjoyed playing along with the students on this piece by Helen Butterworth. There are 4 different parts to this piece that vary in the students’ level of playing. I loved seeing students from early Book 1 all the way to Book 6 enjoy playing this piece together as a group. Enjoy!!!

Here’s a video capturing our group performances:

Austin Playing Polish Dance

February 28, 2016

Enjoy this video recorded by my student’s mom during our lesson as she finished all of the Twinkle variations and Twinkle Theme. This was 4 months of consistent practice and lots of support from the mother.

Congratulations to practicing daily and keep up the great work!

Quail Run Elementary Soloists

December 10, 2015

Tonight was Quail Run Elementary’s orchestra winter concert where both my student and my son performed a solo piece of their choice. Here are the videos of both of the performances: