My students and Origins performed for a nice crowd at the San Ramon library in their holiday program last weekend. Thanks for having us and hope to see you all again next year:)

Don’t forget to come to Dublin Senior Center next Sunday from 3-4pm to see them perform again:)

Holiday Concert 2018

November 10, 2018

Originsstrings is getting more exposure in the community as they performed at the Dublin Mayor’s re-election campaign this afternoon:) Their mission is to share their love for music with the community at the same time have fun with it!:) I’m so proud of these 8th grade students and how hard they work to prepare for each of their performances in the community.

Here’s a clip of my twinkle group students playing Wintertime in Russia in my backyard on a gorgeous Friday afternoon:) The youngest twinkle student is 4 and oldest is 10:) They have all studied with me for less than 6 months!

My son has switched to VIOLA!

September 22, 2018

This is my son’s first attempt at playing the Praeludium and Allegro with his new 16.5 inch viola. He’s been playing violin for the past 6 years and has now grown to become a 6ft young man:) He has become more fond of the viola and its deeper tone. I hope he can enjoy both the viola and violin for the rest of his life:)

Here are some wonderful photos from the first performance of the school year. I’m looking forward to 5 more performances this year in the community and surrounding cities.

Here are some pics of my son and my other student learning so much from their summer institute @ Stanford! I also enjoyed taking a 1 day course on how to transition my advanced students from the Suzuki books to Mozart concertos with Dr.Gail Johansen.

Beginner student

March 21, 2018

Here’s my 2nd grade student that has been studying with me for the past 6 months and has been consistent with her violin practice at home:

5th Annual Solo Recital

March 19, 2018

Here are pictures from my 5th Annual Solo Recital presented by my students at the First Presbyterian Church Livermore:) It’s also my daughter’s first time on stage! She loved it so much she wanted to perform again the following day! Haha…enjoy!!!

CASMEC 2018 in San Jose, CA

February 19, 2018

Yesterday I attended my student and my son’s first concert with CODA Junior high string orchestra as 7th graders for CASMEC(California All-state music education conference) at San Jose Center for Performing Arts. They had a great experience under the direction of a Suzuki director Marilyn Kesler from Michigan. Here are some pics and performance videos for you to enjoy:)